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Of course everyone says they have it but GPSM can deliver real time transparent management of all your international supply chains. You and your customers stay informed, receiving product, order and shipment information at every crucial stage. The dream of supply chain transparency to the product level can became a reality, helping your company stay ahead of your competitors by offering the one thing they can’t.

A firm delivery date We understand your goal of delivery in full and on time. Our company exists to assist you on the pathway to this goal. GPSM offers you an industry leading combination of service and facilitation to deliver a total supply chain solution worldwide. It’s astonishing that a typical international supply chain can even function at all. Most of them don’t. With multiple suppliers and lack of reliable information, companies are often forced to just wait and see what happens. Try explaining that to a dissatisfied client. Most companies ignore the real problems and try to compensate with expensive and unnecessarily high inventory levels. Unreliable information forces them to employ ‘Just in case’ purchasing instead of ‘Just in time’. Most companies pay too much for average service. GPSM can automate your supply chain and improve your internal systems, saving you money on management and shipping.

That’s less money for exceptional service Automation removes many errors associated with manual data entry and the confusion of traditional methods of purchase order management. Everyone in your business has access to up-to-date information at all times, delivered in real time. This ensures that your enterprise resource planning systems will contain

Relevant, timely and accurate information for you to act on. Your people will have this information at their fingertips when your customers call and want to know. GPSM works hard through its people and technology to offer you optimum customer service. Our network covers Australia providing access and opportunities to all our customers in every regional area and capital city. We have experienced senior contacts for all your enquiries, with a proactive team managing the supply chain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The needs of our customers are met by GPSM’s ability to provide cost effective rate negotiations, accurate and timely product information, reduction in purchase order management costs and KPI reporting to help you manage lead times and your inventory. All our clients agree that GPSM has the best people. We know you will also agree with this if you choose to partner with us. Our experienced rates negotiators actively source better rates and shipping transits, passing the savings on to you. Our dedicated senior contacts ensure your logistics and Customs related matters are managed efficiently and effectively to ensure compliance with statutory bodies and customer specific needs. GPSM aims for total customer satisfaction.

Bob Bulmer, International Business Manager:
Direct: + 61 2 4365 6659
Number of staff: 40
Membership of any Regional Forwarding Associations: Customs Brokers Association, Australian Freight Forwarders Association

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IASA is a global network of International Freight Forwarders established in 1971 with its Head Office situated in Bracknell, UK with a Board of Directors comprised of members from various countries, elected by the membership.