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Cargo Classifications

Flammable Liquid

Explosive 1.1./1.2/1.3
Explosive 1.4
Explosive 1.5
Explosive 1.6

Division 2.1
Division 2.2
Division 2.2
Division 2.3

Flammable Liquid
Flammable Sold 4.1
Flammable 4.2
Dangerous When Wet

Oxidizer 5.1
Organic Peroxide 5.2

Poison Inhalation 6.1
Poison 6.1
Poison-PG III 6.1
Infectious Substance 6.2

White I
Yellow II
Yellow III



Hazardous Materials Markings

This Way Up
Empty - Radioactive
Marine Pollutant
Shipping & Handling


ORM Labels

EPA Labels

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